Enterprise Rollouts with JumpStart

I presented a paper on this topic as part of the refereed paper track of the LISA 1999 conference. Here is the paper (ps, pdf) and the extended abstract (ps, pdf) I initially submitted. Here is the presentation I gave at the conference.

The following acknowledgement should have been in the paper, but was left out due to an error on my part. My apologies to Rob.

I would like to thank Rob Cotter, who made the work described in this paper possible and who contributed greatly to the design and implementation.

Here are the scripts mentioned in the paper.

What if network booting isn't an option? Look at this paper for a possible solution.

Some notes on setting up FreeBSD as a JumpStart server.

A collection of finish sub-scripts (designed to be called from within a master finish script) I've written over the years. Some may require some editing to work in your environment.

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